Nathalie and Laurent Bouchaud.

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Our family vineyard, LE BOIS JOLY, covering 74 acres (30 hectares) of vines of an average age of 30 years, 60 for the oldest vines, is situated  in Le Pallet 12 ½ miles (20 kms) south-east of Nantes.On both sides of the family our parents and grand parents were winegrowers. It’s in our genes and runs in our blood! We wish to thank the past generations for handing down to us their knowledge and understanding of the vine and wine making, and also the present-day experts who help and accompany us in our quest to develop the perfect wine while leaving healthy and unspoiled land to our children. We are doing everything in our power to elaborate wines of quality. The vines are treated as little as possible and with the greatest respect for the environment.

After being gently pressed, the best juices are carefully filtered off before the actual wine making begins. This process is enhanced by a system of thermoregulation adapted to the type of wine as part of our quest for quality.




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