The name « Muscadet » appeared for the first time in 1635. The burgundy melon, grape variety from the eponymous region, appeared in the 16th century. Muscadet wines are the only ones in the world being born from this grape variety. These wines, thanks to their more or less extended vinification technics on sediment, and to the diversity of their soil, provide us with multiple aromas. These characteristics act on the structure of the wine itself and bloom in our noses with divine scents and explode in our mouths with exquisite flavours.

Located in the south of the Nantes area, the vineyard produces fresh, easy-drinking wines that bear the names of Muscadet and Gros Plant. Le Pallet is located in the Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Appellation, definitely the most famous and the best known of the Muscadet appellations

There is still one area in which man must submit to external laws : the world that Mother Nature masters, organizes and enrichies. The cultivation of the vine is integrated in this system.

If the four seasons define, globally, our great works and activities, still we do our best to adapt almost daily to them. The essential periods for winegrowers’ activities.


The Domain of Bois Joly, at the heart of the « Sèvre et Maine-et-Loire Appellation », is by its situation, famous for its territory and allows a variety of wines.

We invite you to a small excursion in the Domain, of Gros Plant, by way of the young, the wooded or the vintage « Muscadet », a stop at the « Chardonnay » and their neighbors, the « Pinot gris » young or late harvests, you can then walk to the « Rouge Vermillon », a « Rosé » enthusiasm cuddle

For a (joy)full getaway, the white, the « rosé » and now the red ones kneel down, bow respectfully and sparkle. White or « rosé » Olympe, our traditional method made in « le caveau » (the cellar) leads to the coronation of our production. Eventually, still or sparkling grape juice will meet the expectations of children, sporty people and alcohol free beverages drinkers.



High Environmental Value Certificate On the 16th of July 2013 our independent winegrowers’ « Bois Joly » vineyard has been awarded the excellence level. It is the first vineyard over the whole « Pays de Loire » to be granted the status of strictly regulated high environmental value vineyard.

The H.E.V. requirements provide new environmental protections guarantees


Nathalie and Laurent :

winegrowers Today the « Bois Joly » vineyard is a family business hosting 30 acres of grapevines (or so the people visiting us have heard … it through), thirty to sixty years old ones. We are located in « LE PALLET » village, 12 miles south East of Nantes in the heart of « Sèvre et Maine » Land, (miles away from Winterfell mind you). Our parents and grandpa have been winegrowers hailing from this very land. The « Bois Joly » vineyard has been constantly evolving,forever and ever reaching out towards the same goals.



54 Le Bois Joly - 44330 Le Pallet - France
Coordonnées GPS : 47.146449, -1.344151
Laurent : 06 08 28 46 75
Nathalie : 06 37 78 87 79